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News And Announcements

4-17-2017 Apr 18, 2017

Everything is going well at Cash Camel. Today Cheat Check questions were changed to ensure maximum quality for our advertisers.

We are still offering 10% off for a limited time. Please note that we are no longer selling certain types of advertising such as PSTU and memberships of any kind. Everything is in an effort to completely comply with any processor requirements.

Moving forward we will only sell PTC, PTR, Banner ads, and 1 Month Links. Thanks! - CC

Update 2 - Payments - Advertising Nov 02, 2016

I'm done with Chargebacks. Don't purchase something if you don't know what it is or if don't need it. Issue with Paypal started when member claimed we charge for cashing out. WE DO NOT. It's FREE. 100%


Cash Camel will NO LONGER sell memberships of any kind. You can still earn, and be paid, but I won't risk the integrity of the website for additional memberships. All memberships will be honored until expired.

Moving forward: Cash Camel will do Advertising Only. Payouts will always remain the same at just $0.01.

Questions? Concerns? E-mail me at - I have 3.5k e-mails to go through but will answer everything by November 4. Thank-you

Update - Payments Sent Nov 02, 2016

Payment sent. I still haven’t missed any payments coming up on 6 years. Paypal account was under review. I didn’t receive any alert or reason other than they are starting to crack down on PTC websites. Everything appears to be good now; but I will keep you apprised to what is happening.

This is concerning but will continue to be completely transparent. I have too much integrity to just let the website go inactive. Several thousand e-mails to go through in the last 8 days. I will do as many as I can quickly.

That being said I can only devote so much time to support tickets when the industry is generating less income than ever before. Please note: losing your pin doesn't constitute Cash Camel being inactive. These support tickets will be answered last behind sales, login and general questions. Thanks – Cash Camel

Paypal Account Limited Oct 31, 2016

For some unknown reason I have been flagged by Paypal and my account has been limited for the first time in 6 years of service. I am looking into this issue and will press the matter and keep you apprised.

I have been informed I am but 1:180 million customers so I am not confident I will get adequate help. Cleverly you can only e-mail members of the Paypal team that have limited your account. I await their response.

I've always promoted complete transparency; and will continue to do so regardless of the outcome.

Cheat Check Questions (Update) Aug 27, 2016

Several members already suspended for failing the new Cheat Check questions. The quality of advertising is paramount at Cash Camel; we will be really pushing hard to keep this at a high level.

Moving forward; Cheat Check questions will be changed every 72 hours in conjunction with payouts. These will still be really easy but constantly changing. Thanks!

Important Update! Please Read! Aug 27, 2016

Still having issues with Payza. I requested a withdraw nearly 33 days ago; just like PTC websites, if the company doesn't pay they can't be used. This isn't the first issue with Payza; I'm hopeful things will be resolved shortly. You can still request via Payza.

Cheat Check questions have been changed and everyone has a fresh slate. No fails associated with your account. Moving forward if you fail an excessive amount of checks your account will be suspended. This is an automatic process and cannot be disputed or reversed.

Finishing up tickets from August on 8/28. If you don't receive a response to your inquiry by 8/29; send me another e-mail to and I will get back to your shortly. Thanks!

Cash Camel Update! 2016 Edition Jan 28, 2016

Working on some DNS issues with the website.Until that time; if you run into any website issues that prevent you access make sure to enter not This will be resolved shortly.

I have lots of support tickets to do still. I will have these caught up completely by 1-29. It's been difficult to manage a mass of e-mails coming in from multiple sources. I will be looking to re-implement OSticket or 1 central location for communication.

There have been a plethora of big name sites that have shut down recently; You may wonder if Cash Camel could head that route? No. We set up a practical business plan from the beginning that is meant to last. Rest assured, Cash Camel is still going strong.

Finally, I will be reaching out to some programmers in the next few months; I want to revamp Cash Camel completely by summer. This should include design and overall maintenance.

Please feel free to reach out to me through my personal e-mail with any questions or comments. Thanks! - Kris (Cash Camel)

Support Staff Added Dec 11, 2015

10% off on all purchases until Dec 15! Winter Sale

Previous posts are being deleted so that all comments will be posted in the same location. Should expedite responses. Also, have a few others working on support tickets now, this will allow me to work on other website elements and make sure responses are received within a reasonable time.

Please post here for support. Otherwise, use my personal e-mail found on Cash Camel. Thanks!

Dec 8-15 - 10% off all purchases! Dec 08, 2015

As we approach our 5th year at Cash Camel things are still going strong! We continue to grow as a network and advertisement visualizations and member earnings are all up.

As a thank-you from Cash Camel, all purchases will be 10% off for the next week. Again, Thanks for the continued support! - Kris (Cash Camel)

Support Tickets Integrated to Facebook Jul 12, 2015

The contact page will now send you to our Facebook Page. Looking to use this to answer the majority of questions. This will also increase day to day communication.

If you need anything answered please send me a message on Facebook or even post on the wall. I'm going to be monitoring this heavily. *Please remember: DO NOT post important information on the wall. Everyone can see this. If you need a pin or password just send me a message instead.

Support tickets have not been good the last few months due to a heavy work load. I am committed to change this and continue to improve the website.

Website member activity, sales and clicks have all been way up as of lately(Especially for summer!); It's time support tickets adequately reflected this.

Support Ticket/ Communication Status
Facebook Messages == Complete == As Of: 07-10-2015
Facebook Wall == Responded 06-22 to 07-12
Youtube Comments == Complete == As of: 07-12-2015
Yahoo! Support Tickets == Complete == As of: 07-12-2015 - 00:00.
Express Orders == Complete == As of: 07-12-2015 - 00:00

PTSU Discontinued Jul 08, 2015

I have removed the option to purchase paid signups. This method doesn't seem to be a reliable way to advertise. Also, this was one of the most abused sections on the website.

All credits will be honored and all campaigns will continue until completion. If you have any questions please reach out to me. Thanks - Kris (Cash Camel)

Removed Websites May 01, 2015

Removed websites with links to "zero-ptc". Websites with these banners or links are causing malware warnings. Please remove links to this website or your advertisement could be denied.

It's beyond my control when another website has an issue, and several links from that website are in the system and have been approved. At this time I can only react to the problem and remove the websites.

Cash Camel doesn't allow malware or malicious websites of any kind. Thanks for the understanding and quick reporting. Much appreciated. Thanks!

Please resubmit support tickets - Apr 16, 2015

If you have submitted a support ticket in the last (30) hours. Please resubmit a support ticket. I have redirected e-mails until I resolve some further issues. Thanks - Kris

Website Downtime - Resolved Apr 16, 2015

Website down for about 5 hours today. Everything is now resolved. No major damage. The blog which was inactive will be removed. Sorry again for the down-time. Thank-you! - Cash Camel

Unexpected News... Apr 10, 2015

After 4 years Cash Camel is changing things up.

Starting tonight and tomorrow members will now earn more per click.

We are not raising our rates, but instead increasing your earnings!! We raised each class earnings by 8% in the PTC section. (Subject to change)

This is just a thank-you and an evolution of the website. As we continue to expand, minimize cost and increase revenue we want to extend that to you, our valued members!

Thanks! - Kris (Cash Camel)

Update 4-6-215 Apr 06, 2015

I have managed to resolve some issues with the e-mail. Within the next hour I will be done with the support tickets from both my personal e-mail and website. (1:50 Server Time)

If you haven't received an e-mail response by this time please resubmit a support ticket through the website here: Create Support Ticket|. I will get to it right away.

A new 1 Year Membership has been added to the store.

Members have requested a membership with a higher referral earning. Our "Bigger 1 Year Membership" does just this! In addition members receive 5% sales/referral commissions and weekly credits.

Within the next 24 hours Cash Camel will begin offering 30 Day Fixed Ads for just $8 and 30 day banner rotations for just $3! tracking will be provided. Members can have their campaigns directly transferred to the account. This will be added to the advertise menu soon.

Please let me know if you need assistance or have questions about anything. Thanks - Kris (Cash Camel)

E-Mail Issues Apr 04, 2015

Having some issues with support e-mail. Feel free to e-mail me at for any inquires until this is resolved. Thanks - Kris (Cash Camel)

03-04-2015 - Cash Camel - 4th Anniversary! Mar 04, 2015

We've done it again! Another successful year in the books. This wouldn't have been possible without the support from fantastic members such as yourself. So thank-you!

During the next 4 days we will offer 20% off all purchases. (Excludes express purchases.)

Also, when you click 400 lifetime ads you will earn a free month membership! This can be achieved in just 2 days of clicking! Just send a support ticket.

Again, Thank-you for the continued support. I look forward to another great year! - Cash Camel Staff

3-3-2015 Mar 04, 2015

The ads didn't reset last night. Likely due to server issue. I will monitor the issue and manually reset the ads at reset time if needed. Thank-you for the support and understanding while we fix the problem. Thanks! - Kris (Cash Camel)

Jan, 01, 2015- Another Year in the Books! Jan 02, 2015

Just an update. Removed "Text Ad Impressions" from the store. These are not being utilized and there are currently only a few ads in rotation. I will honor any credits that remain. Just make sure to use your credits within the next few weeks. After this time the Text Ads will be gone.

Click Exchange is still holding strong. All ads are now receiving hits from this section. The bonus game is also still active. This can earn you additional cash and credits!

We are approaching our 4th year here at Cash Camel. We should exceed the 100,000 active member mark by that time. Including sending over 50,000 payments! Almost 4 years later we still pay members from all countries at just $0.01!

Thanks for the support! And a Happy New Year! - Kris

Payza On the Fritz? Oct 28, 2014

Just an update. I will be monitoring Payza in the next few weeks. I love to have a second payment processor but can't afford to keep them if they don't pay USA members.

Currently, Bank transfer withdraws are disabled, and funds sent to credit card already several days late. I will continue to monitor this and let you know. Thanks

Click Exchange Revamp - OCT 18 Oct 19, 2014

I went through 1,777 active Click Exchange websites over the last 24 hours. This was a huge task but I think it will be worth it for all members!

I denied 605 websites. If your website was denied it was because of one of these reasons: 1) Frame Breaking 2) Malicious Content or Offensive Material 3) Dead Site/Deleted account 4) Website doesn't show up. 5) Or failing to add (100) credits to the campaign and letting it sit for 30 days or more.

If a campaign is denied you can always retract the credits and create a new advertisement.

In an effort to make the click exchange viable once again. I have added reward stages that will earn you cash and visitor credits in addition to the click exchange credits you would have already earned.

Try out the revamped click exchange! Ads are quick to go through and can earn you even more advertising and cash! If you have any problems just shoot me an e-mail and we will figure it out.Thanks! - Kris (Cash Camel)

Promote and Earn - Enabled! Oct 18, 2014

Promote and Earn Program is back! Over 5,000 tasks were previously completed before we discontinued the program. It was a positive force for both the website and members, so we have enabled it once again.

I've only added the Facebook Task back so far but there will be more tasks coming soon. To complete tasks just follow the instructions and submit a support ticket when complete.

Interested in having a task for your website listed here? Contact support for more details.

Click Exchange - 24 hour hold Oct 17, 2014

For the next 24 hours beginning tomorrow/tonight all Click Exchange ads will become inactive. I will be going through all of them to eliminate any frame breakers and poor quality ads.

Some of these ads are preventing members from viewing all and also preventing other advertisers and clickers from getting hits to their websites. I want this to again be a beneficial section!

No action is required from you I just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks!! - Kris

October 16 News Oct 16, 2014

Hey Cash Camlers,

We had some server down-time last night and most of the morning. Sorry for the inconvenience. I managed to get everything back to normal and am working with the hosting company to prevent any future disconnects.

Added some higher value clicks to make up for the ads not resetting.

Sent payments this afternoon and will send them again tomorrow again. We have been doing payments daily and will continue to do so.

There is a large increase in support tickets. I will have them done by tomorrow at minimum and maybe tonight. Facebook tickets are complete; personal e-mail and Cash Camel tickets are still being worked on.

Again, sorry for the trouble and I really appreciate the understanding while we work through these issues. Thanks - Kris (Cash Camel)

Quick Update - OCT 6 Oct 06, 2014

Everything has been going fantastic. Daily payments may be here to stay since the promotion has proven so effective.

I have been doing support tickets and payments daily and really keeping up with everything. Please let me know how things are going on your side.

Looking into some frame breakers right now. An advertisement is blocking surf so I will be deleting that ad and suspending the advertiser. Please note that this is just the nature of the game.

Payza Enabled |Promote and Earn |10% off Paypal and More! Sep 16, 2014

|Payza Payments|
Payza is back! Members have already requested and these payments will be sent tonight. [Remember: No Fees!!] This is the first time in over 6 months! Fingers crossed that this method will continue to gain traction. Many members had to discontinue using Cash Camel since Paypal wasn't offered in their respective countries. I'm excited to see these members come back! If you haven't been active in awhile your balance should still be intact assuming you logged in during the last 90+ days.

|Promote and Earn Program|
Looking to bring back the promote and earn program. This was a huge success and I will be revamping things to ensure more earning and advertising options. Please submit ideas for tasks; I love to get feedback from our members!

|Customer Service Revamp|
Cash Camel has always been effective with customer service. Over the last few months we have been slow respond to e-mails. I am committed to turning this around and providing the support you would expect. I will have every support ticket done by 8PM server time tonight. (09-16-2014). Facebook included.
**Contact options**
You can contact me via | or on Facebook. Please let me know your concerns and I will address them immediately.
E-mails will be answered within (48 hours) as of tomorrow. (09-17-2014).

|10% off Sale|
Since the leaves are falling so should the prices! For the next 72 hours we will offer our members 10% off all Paypal purchases. I'd like to offer this for Payza but the fees are too high to make this possible while still offering inexpensive packages.

|Fall Promotions|
In addition to our points contest that will be coming in October, we will begin sending payments DAILY starting on September 20, 2014.
We initially started this in the beginning and looking forward to seeing how it goes 3+ years down the road.

Cash Camel still pays ALL members from all countries at just $0.01 + 1% fee! It's easy to get paid!

We are still the only website where you can click, earn and get paid in the same day!!

Payza Enabled Jul 17, 2014

Hope everyone is doing great! Cash Camel is still doing great thanks to your support!

We will be enabling Payza for purchases today. You should be able to once again purchase memberships and packages via Payza.

Assuming everything goes well I will open Payza withdraws in 3-5 days depending on the amount of funds we can acquire. I want to make sure when our members request via Payza that there are no issues or delays.

Please note this is just a trial run. Last time Payza had issues we lost lots of member funds which were never recovered. So needless to say I am somewhat apprehensive.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be finishing some support tickets and then move onto Facebook support tickets. Thanks! - Kris

Update, Tasks, Emails, Autos May 25, 2014

All support tickets from the last week on have been answered via my personal e-mail.

Facebook messages will be answered again tonight, also working on some emails from tasks.


I want to make sure to credit everyone for pending tasks before moving forward. With nearly nearly [8] active tasks that in some cases means as many as 8 individual emails to answer per active member. Thousands of members have completed these tasks and I want to make sure to get a handle on this. This is an extremely beneficial section and will be back.

Finally, please note autosurf programs are currently popular but not a viable way to get visitors to your website or earn ptp credit at Cash Camel or other trusted websites. These autosurfs don't produce sales, signups, exposure or anything beneficial. PLEASE CONSIDER. This is easy to detect. Autosurf abusers will be suspended from Cash Camel permenately.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!! -Kris (Cash Camel)

E-mail Issues + Solutions May 16, 2014

Great support and transparency has always been paramount at Cash Camel!

Over the last few months we have been having some issues with the website e-mail, which has caused some serious delays in responses.

We have taken action to resolve this issue. Until this time you will receive an e-mail response from my personal e-mail address.

Feel free to contact me via 1) this e-mail, 2) or through the 3) website contact form.

--> If you want to schedule a time to talk just send me a message and we will make it happen.
International Users: Skype, Hangouts - kristopher.armes
USA/CA Members: Feel free to call me directly.

Finally, working on some website stability issues. Should have everything resolved shortly.

Again, Thanks for the support and understanding! Please let me know if you need anything at all.

April Showers Bring May Discounts! May 04, 2014

April showers bring May DISCOUNTS! √10% off • 48 hours Only!


Working on resolving e-mail issues. I am receiving your support tickets. You may receive a response from my personal email. Thanks!

Website Downtime Apr 10, 2014

Had some website downtime today. All should be resolved. All support tickets will be answered by 21:00. Payouts. again tomorrow! Thanks again!!- Kris

Update - 3-22-2014 Mar 22, 2014

Just wanted to update everyone. Cash Camel is going great in our first month of being (3) years old!

Recently picked up a part-time job that is taking up some time. Tickets could be slightly delayed on Fridays and Saturdays. -- Sunday (Tomorrow) will be my catch up day for Facebook and support tickets!

This is all in an effort to update Cash Camel, complete this project and potentially look into creating another website to add to our earning group. No official plans yet.

If you know some reputable coders please send me a support ticket and I will look into them! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail with any questions or thoughts. Thanks!! - Kris

Password Issue Mar 07, 2014

ATTENTION: Change your password.

Someone has been trying to request member balances out. Likely, a website owner. Make sure to never use the same password at (2) websites.

If you don't have access to your account as of today. Don't worry! I have frozen the account to protect your funds. All will be resolved immediately. Thanks! -Kris.

Cash Camel 3rd Birthday! Mar 01, 2014

On the 3rd of March, 2014 Cash Camel will celebrate it's third anniversary! This couldn't have been possible without our 73,000+ great members. I appreciate everyone very much!

Starting tonight at Midnight, Cash Camel will launch it's Birthday Celebration. What's that mean for you??
- 10% off all purchases (excluding express)
- Month links - Doubled
- Text Impressions - Tripled
- Referral Purchase Bonus - Doubled

Cash Camel will receive a makeover in the coming month. I was hoping to have this up by now but things have been slightly delayed. This should be an exciting update.

Finally, looking to add some sort of forum back so members can help each other with questions and earning more cash. Possibly integrate that with Facebook as AhmadF suggested. Thanks Ahmad!

Much more to come! - Cash Camel

2-23-2014 Feb 23, 2014

So last night I was looking into the Click Exchange. With over 1200 active campaigns we are seriously getting backed up! This used to be an extremely beneficial section and it WILL be again.

The most important thing is that this section produces views for it's advertisers. I thought about making this section an autosurf but there just isn't must benefit to that. Manual surf is so much more effective because people actually look at your website! So we want to keep that up.

Click Exchange Changes
Timer: Previously (4) second timers
Now (2) second Timers
FREE Click Value: Previously 5/4 ratio ( 5 views earns 4 credits)
Now - 2/1 ratio (2 views earns 1 credit)

So the timer and earning value is slightly decreased. This is an effort to generate more views and to utilize the credits you have used. It doesn't do any good to have inactive campaigns.
This will take some time to correct but I can already see a very small difference. In addition we are not selling these credits in the store until all Click Exchange issues are resolved. Please write me with any questions or concerns. Thanks - Kris

Report those terrible ads! Jan 30, 2014

I've cleaned out the "report ad" section. I will be paying closer attention to this section. People who view websites really make the website work! So I apologize when you come across a website that causes issues.

I am also surfing the ads right now so any problematic websites will be deleted. A special thanks to member "Jan" for continued help identifying these ads. Thanks!!

-- Surfing Complete! All clean and clear! Will be going through the Click Exchange tomorrow. Deleting any bad ads and removing ads from inactive members.

Issues with Store Jan 22, 2014

Having some issues completing purchases through the store. Looking to resolve this quickly. Please use Express advertising or send payments directly to I will quickly credit your packages and advertising until this issue is resolved. Thanks - Kris

70000 members = 10% off Special Jan 19, 2014

Another Milestone! 70,000 Members! Join up now. For the next (36) hours we are offering 10% off on all purchases. *Excluding Express We don't do sales that often so make sure to take advantage! - Cash Camel

Increased Security Jan 07, 2014

A new security check has been added. If the account is suspected of illegal activity there will be an additional outside recaptcha. I will be monitoring this and eliminating the violators. Thanks - Kris

Update - Feedback Needed! Jan 06, 2014

Hope everyone is having a great 2014. We are starting off the year with a "Dazzling Deal"! Only $10 for 1,000,000 Text impressions and (10) direct referrals. Our Text Impressions work too! Up to 20,000 impression daily.

I have been looking to add loyalty radio to the website as an additional earning method. Please provide me with your thoughts on that. It appears members get paid for every 15 minutes of listening. This could be some extra cash while surfing or doing your day to day at Cash Camel. --> I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Also looking to add a frame breaker ad section. This section will be basically the same as a normal view except there will not be a timer or frame. Members will click the ad and be automatically credited. This should increase the number of advertisers as well as member earnings.

Many members are inquiring about reselling Cash Camel traffic. Brilliant. Some advertisers have been doing this for some time. Since we sell advertising at such a low cost this allows people to establish themselves as their own traffic provider.
- You can even use redirect links so the traffic comes from your personal website.

Youtube video help guides are going well. We currently have (9) detailing some of the basic functions on Cash camel. More episodes coming soon! Thanks for watching.

Another Year in the books! Jan 01, 2014

Happy New Year Cash Camel Members! 2014 will be our best yet! Only (3) months until our 3rd Birthday! Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season! - Cash Camel

SolveMedia DisSolved Dec 17, 2013

Lots of members have expressed their dislike for the login captcha. I can understand that! I've had some problems too. So the SolveMedia captcha has been indefinitely removed. Reverted back to the simple routing code. Thanks for the feedback!!

Sunday Funday Dec 01, 2013

Working on the website correcting some issues and making things better! I have just credited the $100 referral contest winners. Congrats ScamDectector for taking the gold.(1st Place)

Also, working to simplify the Manage ads section so members can more effectively utilize the features without getting a headache. Currently, you just create the ad, add credits, and then when you re-select the campaign you can add the subtitle, color and country targeting.

Also, I have released episodes #1 and #2 via Youtube. These are "How to Signup" and "How to Login". - More advanced guides will be released soon. The idea is to make Cash Camel so simple that anyone can understand and benefit from it!

Copy of the Facebook Post and Winners
The 1st Cash Camel $100 Contest Concluded! A huge Success! A HUGE thanks to all the members who participated. If you didn't make the Top 10 this time. Don't worry there will be more chances to win! Looking into a points contest next. This way every member can have a shot even if they don't refer new members.
November 2013 - $100 Referral Contest Results
1) ScamDetector - $25
2) DJessika - $20
3) TestB4invest - $15
4) Woman35 - $10
5) Rwayne - $7
6) GreatGabby - $6
7) Ardotheone - $5
Markus - $5
9) Junkguy - $4
10) Hosting - $3

Again, Amazing job! Amounts Credited. Thanks! - Cash Camel

Whoops! Cash Camel Makes Mistakes?? Dec 01, 2013

Added a $5 ad to the rotation. This was a mistake. Sorry! Retracted from balances. Thanks!

Membership Price Decrease Dec 01, 2013

Since Payza isn't currently active fees are down. I'm extending this to the members. $0.10 off month memberships and $1 off Year Memberships! If Payza comes back soon we may revert back to the old pricing due to heavy fees that Payza adds. Thanks!

Ad Campaigns Update Nov 30, 2013

Members requested the ability to add additional information and change the background color. We have added these features. You can now select the []Subtitle box and highlighted color.

These are free of charge. Just additional features we are extending to the members.

Please note these need to be selected on the creation of the campaign to be able to edit this information. So old campaigns will need to be readded to gain a subtitle and highlighted color of your choosing.

Referral Contest: Ends 11/31 at midnight. I will use the next day to tally up results, ban cheaters and finalize the results. The (10) winners will get cash added to their Cash Camel balance and featured on our Facebook Page.

Called Consumer Complaint Hotline Nov 27, 2013

Ultralight Financial Services, formerly known as Obopay Inc., a licensed U.S. money transmitter of which Payza was an agent. Is REFUSING to pay U.S. Business owners. I was instructed to call this hotline number.

I got the voice mail, hopefully someone will call me back but my expectations are low. After all this is just a complaint hotline. I will keep you posted with updates as I get them.


Consumer Complaints
Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Financial Institutions
77 South High Street , 21st Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6120
phone: (800) 321-3100
fax: (614) 644-1631

Payza Temporarily Disabled Nov 26, 2013

Due to issues with Payza I have no choice but to remove it as an option for purchases and payments until this issue is resolved. All funds have been frozen due to issues beyond our control. Here is a copy of the information. I will keep you posted on what I find out. I just can't keep accepting this money if it's frozen or has no legitimate value. I will be taking the necessary steps to resolve this issue. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here is a copy of the message I have received from Payza.
I will look into another payment processor to add as well. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Payza Announcements
Important Announcements
Regarding your funds
The funds you currently have in your account are secure and safeguarded under, and according to, the regulatory guidelines of your state.

We are unable to complete any requests to withdraw or transfer these funds at this time, as they are currently being withheld by Ultralight Financial Services, formerly known as Obopay Inc., a licensed U.S. money transmitter of which Payza was an agent.

In order to provide payment services to our U.S. clients in your state, Payza entered into an agreement with Obopay Inc., a long standing and highly reputable money transmitter. However, following a change in management and in name, Obopay Inc., now known as Ultralight FS, is currently refusing to process any customer transaction requests from the Payza platform, and refusing to release your money to you.

We have tried repeatedly, and to no avail, to resolve this problem by contacting their management, their legal team and your state regulator. We are pursuing legal action against Obopay Inc., Ultralight FS, their officers and the CEO of both entities, Carol Realini. This legal process, however, is lengthy and will take some time to resolve.

Your state regulator has told us they will not intervene unless they hear from you, the owner of your funds. Our only recourse is to ask you to demand action from both Ultralight FS,formerly known as Obopay Inc., and your state regulator. Please use this message to send to your state regulatory:

Dear[State Regulator]
Payza has let me know that Ultralight FS, formerly known as Obopay Inc., is refusing to make my money available through my bank account or my Payza account. I am writing to ask you to take immediate action to solve this problem. Thank you, [firstname] [last name] We want to stress that your current funds are entirely secure and safeguarded by the Issuing Agency of your state. With your help we are confident this problem can be resolved quickly. Please contact your state regulator to request that they intervene to allow us to transfer your funds to your bank account immediately.Below you will find a list of the Issuing Agencies to which you can direct your complaint:

Become A Cash Camel Detective! Nov 20, 2013

Not interested in clicking? Use your powers of deduction!

Become a Cash Camel Detective! [Task #9]

When you report a member that is actively trying to cheat the website you earn half their balance!

That's right.. when you track down someone that isn't playing by the rules just take a screenshot and/or provide a url.

When the member is suspended you earn half of their balance added to your account!

Finally! Being honest actually pays!!

Each month I will recognize the [Top 5] Cash Camel detectives and their earned cash from this task. Posted via Facebook and the website. Top detectives will also earn free premium membership each month.
1) Detect a Cash Camel cheater
2) Complete Task #9 prompt. (Provide URL to forum post.)
3) Earn half of that cheaters balance! That simple!


-> Post must be from the last (6) months
-> Only (1) member can report each event.
-> Must provide url to receive credit

NEW $100 Referral Contest! Nov 05, 2013

Monthly $100 Referral Contest [Ends 11-31]

The Top 10 Referring Members Will Receive

1st Place: $25
2nd Place: $20
3rd Place: $15
4th Place: $10
5th Place: $7
6th Place: $6
7th Place: $5
8th Place: $5
9th Place: $4
10th Place: $3

* Winners will be announced on Facebook DEC 01. Please allow 24 hours after contest ends.

* I will randomly check members referrals for legitimacy. False referrals will result in account suspension.

* Members may not sign-up for multiple accounts themselves. This is easily detectable.

* Making a purchase does NOT improve your standings or prevent your account from being deleted upon cheating.

All you have to do is promote your Referral URL to start getting referrals today! Check the "Contests" Page for the Top 5 Leaders and where you stand!

Move Complete Oct 31, 2013

The move was successful! Thanks for the understanding. Ads were approved several times today. Sorry for any delays you may have experienced.

Payouts made at 19:02.

I will finish up the support tickets tomorrow. Thanks again!

Update OCT 25 Oct 25, 2013

I will be undergoing a move on the 30th of October to Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm moving back closer to friends and family! There could be a slight delay of advertisement approval during this (24) hour period. Nothing else will be impacted. Thank-you for the understanding and support!

Also, I'm looking to thin out some Click Exchange credits to make the rotation more effective. Please contact me to swap Click Exchange Credits for other advertising if interested.

=== Chart Breakdown ===
1 VISITOR CREDIT - costs (5) Exchange Credits
10 TEXT IMPRESSIONS - costs (1) Exchange Credit
10 BANNER IMPRESSIONS - costs (2) Exchange Credits
1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP - costs (5,000) Exchange Credits

Send me an e-mail --> Indicate what you want to trade your exchange credits for.. I will send you a confirmation e-mail that the exchange has taken place.

Just looking to get a handle on the Click Exchange. This section is so popular and has nearly 850 links. Also, I'm working on the reward zone for the Click Exchange.. several bugs to address first before released.

Click Exchange 2.0 Oct 05, 2013

I will be working on the updated Click Exchange 2.0 tomorrow. Hopefully, any issues with this will be resolved and the rotation will be more effective. The rotation will no longer be associated with the daily reset. The rotation will be ongoing and continuous. This should allow advertisers to get more hits on their ads and keep Click Exchange a viable method of advertising. You will still be able to set daily limits if desired. Thanks! - Cash Camel

Fall Update -- OCT - 01 - 2013 Oct 01, 2013

Everything has been going great thanks to the support of our members! Much appreciated.

#1) Facebook Contact: Not getting a response from our support staff? Try contacting us through our Facebook Business page. This has been working out great, and you are sure to receive a response.

#2) Support Tickets: Have been slightly backed up with some support tickets. All tickets will be completed by 14:00 server time. At this time if you haven't received a response please refer to #1.

#3) Paid To Signup: This section is up for review. We are no longer selling PTSU credits directly through the store. You can still purchase these credits but only through your ad manager.
PTSU accounts for roughly 4.3% of our revenue but causes 95% of our problems. We will issue an update pertaining to this section.

#4) Click Exchange: This monster has really evolved into a true traffic exchange. Quickly becoming one of the hottest elements of the website. Members can earn and promote their website for free!
Issue at Hand: Due to the low cost of these credits, ability to earn free and our 60k member base this section is very congested with around (650) links available to view. This only allows for some advertisers to get 5-25 views on their ad daily. This is not by design.
Solution: Click Exchange will soon be on continuous rotation. This will be a trial period. Meaning that after all 650 websites have been shown, your website will now cycle through again. Previously each campaign could only receive 1 unique visitor daily. This should greatly help the website and allow us to grow this section of the website. There will still be an option to set limits. It's imperative that we continue to evolve this section so it doesn't become a dead feature like at so many websites.

#5) PTSU Approval Time: Please note, we have altered the PTSU automatic approval time from 15 days to 7 days. What does this mean? After 1 week your pending signup offer will be automatically approved! After discussion with several members we have decided that 15 days is too long of a period to wait! We listen!! Thanks much! - Kris

CHEAT CHECK DAY Sep 16, 2013

The secret is out! We are conducting routine cheat check tests today.

Please note that there is a link in the PTR section that should NOT be clicked.
This link says "DO NOT CLICK - ACCOUNT BALANCE DELETED" -- This advertisement is worth $0 and only 1 second. Members who click on this link will have their account zeroed and suspended.

If an advertiser purchases 1000 visitors I want them to receive 1000 real visitors. Thanks! - Kris

Payments Sent -except- Paypal Mass Pay Sep 12, 2013

All Payza and Advertising Credit requests have been paid. There is an error with the Paypal Mass Pay. Contacting Paypal right now to figure out a solution. Should be resolved shortly. Please contact support with any additional questions. Thanks - Kris (Cash Camel) ++++ ISSUE RESOLVED ++++ PayPal Mass Payments were sent at 15:23 Server Time! Thanks!

Hump Day Maintenance, Updates & Info [AUG 7] Aug 07, 2013


1) Text Ad Deletion: You can now delete text ads without error. A member brought this to our attention. Thanks!

2) Yahoo Mail: Due to problems with Yahoo! Mail and their efforts to clean up their offerings.. Yahoo will be deleting old and inactive e-mail addresses. What's this mean? You should update your e-mail at Cash Camel if this applies to you. We only use e-mails to respond to inquiries, reset passwords and pins.

3) Click Contest We will be reverting back to multiple winners for the click contest. I am looking into this being automatically credited. Currently there is an issue that only credits the top clicker. Until this time I will credit the other 4 winners manually. The top 5 clickers of the day will receive $0.05 cash added to their balance! More winners = More fun!

4) No Response?: If you have reset a pin, password or contacted Cash Camel without response there is likely an issue with your e-mail blocking us. Make sure to add "" to your contacts/white list to prevent future problems. We always write back!

Traffic Exchange Links & Sale End! Aug 02, 2013

Thanks to everyone for the continued support! The sale went brilliantly, and I really appreciate all those who took part. Please let me know if you need anything at all!

Due to the increasing high volume of Click Exchange links we will be requiring a minimum of 100 credits assigned in order to get a campaign approved. Please note that completing 1 task or surfing a few links can easily earn you this 100 credits.
Thanks again! - Kris (Cash Camel)

Member Appreciation Sale Jul 31, 2013

Member Appreciation Sale! As a special thank-you to our members for the continued support we will be offering 10% off all purchases for 36 hours only!


In just over 2 Years: Our 57,000+ members have helped us send over 130,000,000 [million] visitors to our advertisers websites!

Visitors are always $0.25 for 1,000... but act now during the 10% off sale and you could spend as little as $0.000225 per real visitor coming to your website! — at

EDIT: Payments Sent @ 17:11 - Thanks!

Updates & Changes Jul 16, 2013

Today we will be updating IP's and fixing some country targeting issues.

Banner campaigns will also have the ability to utilize country targeting.

The routing code has been disabled until we figure out a more viable solution.

Find an error or loop-hole at Cash Camel? We'll pay you cash or credits to let us know! Have the solution? Earn more!

Finally, new Promote and Earn opportunities will be added this evening. Check often to earn more! Thanks - Kris

Payments Sent Jun 24, 2013

Payments were delayed overnight due to Paypal errors. This is usually not a problem, but for some reason the payments were not going through. Everything is now resolved and all payments have been sent. If there are any issues please let me know. Thanks!~ Kris

Spring Cleaning - In Summer! Jun 20, 2013

Have been working on some of the systems at Cash Camel. I will be optimizing and deleting some rarely used elements at the website. Please let me know if anything you value vanishes and I will add it back. Overall, just working towards a faster, more streamline experience.

New cheat check questions coming in 2 days. Members who selectively use an auto-clicker function will be found and all earnings/stats deleted. Thanks - Kris | Cash Camel

Text Ads are now cheaper! May 20, 2013

We have changed the ratio of Text Impressions. The website remains extremely active and each day has hundreds of thousands of page views. So now you can get 50,000 Text Impressions for only $1.25. Please note each text advertisement can achieve 20,000+ impressions in a 24 hour period. Only assign what you want to use. Thanks everyone! - Kris

Payments for MAY 7-9 May 09, 2013

Sent at 14:15 - All Methods. Thanks!! - Kris

EDIT ---> Terms Of Service Apr 27, 2013

Working to revise and clean up the reporting ad section. The website url being promoted will appear under the surf bar in the near future. If there is any issues you can easily identify the root url that is causing problems.

PLEASE NOTE: Cash Camel is not responsible for any claims or promises with sites in rotation.

If you decide to join any advertised program this is at your own risk. It's your responsibility to check into the website before investing. PTC Investigations, Scam Detector and other review sites will likely give you an idea if the website is trusted.

-We no longer will be accepting Dream-Mails and continue to not allow programs such as PTPforever. Programs like this jeopardize the cleanliness of our surf and the security our system.

We have also updated our TERMS OF SERVICE; please check our terms for more information. Sections that have been edited say [EDIT: and the date revised]

New Toolbar Apr 23, 2013

Wibiya Toolbar changed overnight. I don't really like the new style but we will try it out. You can still view Youtube help guides, translate the page, view facebook updates etc.

21-04-2013 Payments Sent Apr 22, 2013

Paypal sent at 22:00
Payza sent at 22:01
Balance to Advertising at 22:03
Coming soon: Exchange balance for memberships.
Still working on some system "bugs". I will keep you posted.

Payments Sent Apr 18, 2013

Payments sent a little early today. [15:36] All Paypal Requests. Thanks for the support.

Last day for bonus credits. For each $5 you spend get 50,000 Text Ad Impressions FREE.

Payments Sent Apr 16, 2013

Paypal payments sent at 21:17 server-time. Thanks!

Fixed, Updates, Achievements Apr 11, 2013

Text Ad Retraction: [Fixed]

View Text Ad Details: [Fixed]

Achievements Section: This section is only partially active. Currently if you achieve certain badges they will credit to your account with the exception of outside tasks. ex) Youtube View, Comment blog etc.

This program is set to release May, 01. By achieving certain tasks at Cash Camel you will earn achievement badges. When completing certain sets of achievements you will be able to earn [FREE] memberships, advertising credits and even FREE referrals.

Internal Messaging System: We had an internal inbox system set up, but it was below average at best. I will look to alter this so that you will be able to e-mail your referrals without having their actual e-mail. This will be extremely helpful and likely keep referrals more active.

Thanks again for the support. We will keep pushing for new earning and advertising opportunities. Feel free to send me a message with any ideas or questions. All are greatly appreciated.

Cash Camel = ELITE! Apr 10, 2013

Cash Camel is now an Elite website.

This would not have been possible without you. Thanks for sticking with us! - Cash Camel - Kris

Payments Sent & Goodbye Guru =( Apr 10, 2013

Paypal and Payza payments were sent at 22:09. Let me know if there were any issues.

Due to excessive abuse, we will no longer offer the Cash Camel Guru Membership.

Guru memberships already purchased will be honored until expiration, however there will not be an option to renew.

Please note that with any membership the terms of service still do apply.

Pardon The Mess! Apr 09, 2013

We are changing some things around and updating previous elements of the site. If something looks out of place, don't worry. This is by design.

We have changed the ticket drawing. Previously (5) tickets were drawn, and Click Exchange Views didn't count as an earned ticket. We have changed this so now clicking exchange links can enter you in the contest for free advertising.
We will now draw (10) tickets daily. These members will receive 5,000 Text Ad Credits. We will change this every few weeks from now on, allowing you to earn different types of advertising.

Thanks Again! - Kris

Sale Extended Until Server Reset! Apr 07, 2013

We will extend the 20% off sale until server reset time tonight. This means only a few more hours of savings!

Working on script to prevent websites from breaking frame. This section may end up being a new earnings section if I can't rig it to work with the surf. This will help us promote popular websites that previously couldn't be accepted such as, Ad.foc and countless others.

Currently surfing the Click Exchange. There have been a few sites to get the malware warning page so we will discontinue these campaigns until it's sorted.

Thanks again for the continued support! Year 3 will be our best yet! - Kris (Cash Camel)

HAPPY Birthday! Cash Camel! - 20% off all purchases Apr 04, 2013


Enjoy 20% off all purchases! (Limited 72 hours ONLY)

Check Facebook, Emoneyspace, TalkPTC for extra savings and promo codes.

Thank-you everyone for the support! This couldn't have been done without you. - Kris

Payments Sent - (4-1 to 4-3) Apr 04, 2013

200+ payments sent at 20:00 server time.

Please post your payment proofs. Thanks!! - Kris

Support Tickets/Orders/Birthday & more! Apr 03, 2013

If you have a pending e-mail it will be answered in the next few hours. I got internet hooked up at the new place and everything should be good to go!

Payouts will be sent again tonight nearer to server reset time. Make sure to get in your requests!

Also--> Beginning at server reset time we will be offering 20% off all purchases through Paypal or Payza.

Just a thank-you for the continued support! We couldn't have done it without you! This offer will go for (72) hours only! Reference the countdown for the exact times.

Move Complete Apr 02, 2013

Just finished moving apartments. Just wanted to keep everyone updated. Internet should be active Wednesday/Thursday. Running to coffee shop to respond to e-mails and orders. Thanks for the understanding while we complete this transition period. - Kris

Less Than 1 Week + Payments Sent Mar 29, 2013

Less than 1 week until our Birthday Celebration! Make sure to check back for our birthday specials and events.

I will be moving apartments on the 1st. So a slight delay to your future support ticket could be possible. Will run to the coffee shop to answer support questions until the internet hooked up. There should be no problems just a heads up.

Also, we plan to navigate to a new server toward the beginning/middle of the month. I will keep you updated with any details. This should allow us to pursue new earning and advertising opportunities without sacraficing the sites speed.

Finally, Please note that changing the country associated with your account is grounds for immediate account suspension. All earnings and credit balances will be forfeit. If you find your country is not correct please e-mail me and let me know so I can change it. Your account will not be penalized this way.
It's important that advertisers can target specific countries and actually get visitors from those countries not a generic proxy.

That's if for now. Thanks much! - Kris (Cash Camel)

Payza is Slow Today Mar 21, 2013

Payza is really slow today. If for some reason you made a payment and your package was not credited please submit a support ticket with your order #. We will credit you shortly. Thanks

Payments Sent Mar 15, 2013

Payments sent at 22:55 server time. Thanks Everyone!

We continue to send payments every 72 hours or less! No minimum required. ($0.01) + 1%!

Less than (3) weeks until our 3rd Birthday. This could not have been achieved without your support... So Thanks!

Working to resolve the Country Targeting. Seems to be working for some and not for others. I appreciate your understanding while we fix this.

PTSU Fix Feb 12, 2013

Some members have had issues accessing the Paid to Signup section. These issues are now resolved. Everyone should have no further trouble.

Please note all signups are worth $0.10; so this is a great way to find new programs and get paid for it! Only valid submissions are approved. Please see splash page for more information.

Superbowl Payouts! Feb 04, 2013

So a few days ago we had some issues with payouts. Today I just sent them as usually and everything worked great. I would say the problem with Paypal is resolved. From last payout cycle there are still 35-40 members who didn't get their payment. This is easy to check and will be resolved. Thanks for letting me know. - Kris

1/31/2013 Payments delayed Feb 01, 2013

Payments delayed 12 hours for some members. ---


Sent out payments as usual, however over 100 were denied immediately. Unexpected Error Code.

Paypal customer service thinks it's apart of their system issue. Paypal asked us to wait and attempt to send again tomorrow.

So I apologize for the delay. We will make sure to send this payment again first thing tomorrow.

If you did get paid tonight... You must have some good luck! =)

-- More News Related to PayPal Issues --

Account Issues Jan 26, 2013

Had some issues with accounts last night. Had to revert to backup. Please contact support with any questions or concerns. There are several ways to contact me: Support Ticket, Skype & Facebook message. I will respond within 12 hours and likely much sooner. Cash Camel is committed to it's members. Please give us time to resolve any issues you may have. Thanks - Kris

1/6/2013 Jan 06, 2013

Hi Cash Camel Members! Had some site slowness in the last 24 hours. This shouldn't continue. If you reach a page that isn't Cash Camel (Incapsula). This is a minor issue with the server. If you are surfing and it requires you to refresh, chances are the ad isn't the cause but instead the server. We are looking into this and consider this our number 1 priority.

Manual Approval: All ads including banners will be manually approved now. Issues with Mal-ware alerts from various sites caused Cash Camel to be flagged for a few hours. We will be checking all links before adding to the rotation.

Cash-Out Options New cash-out options available. Convert your balance to advertising credits on Cash Camel. The process is the same; but orders are always completed within 24 hours. Some members have issues with payment processors so I want everyone to have the ability to purchase advertising.

More to come! Thanks - Kris - Cash Camel

Mozilla Problems. All other resolved. Jan 05, 2013

Everything appears to be good with the website. No reports of any warnings except from users using Mozilla. If you still see an alert please clear your browsing history. Did you clear your browsing history? Cash Camel saves info through cookies to load the page faster. The last problem we had with malware was on the 28th of last month. When you load the page the cache may be from when the site had a warning. Thanks - Kris

Relaunch of Text Ads! Dec 21, 2012

Until Christmas; All "Text Ad Impressions" will be be manually tripled! These ads show up on the home page right under the navigation menu. Thanks! - Kris

Paid to Sign-up... not fail Dec 18, 2012

New PTSU system will be put into effect in the coming days. There have been too many offer fails as of late. This takes time for me to sort out and correspond with advertisers and earners. The new system will be pretty simple.

Approved Signups = +1
Denied Signups = -1
Rating = Approved - Denied

** If your rating drops below -6 your account will be suspended. There is no reason to fail excessive sign-up offers.

If you are failing offers, find out why and correct the issue. Our advertisers are extremely important to us and we want to continue to make sure their results are beneficial! -- Cash Camel - Kris

NEW THINGS @ CASH CAMEL! [dec12] Dec 15, 2012

Cash Camel continues to climb the ranks thanks to your support! We've signed up over 36,500+ members. It couldn't have been done without everyone's hard work. Thank-you!

Extensive Help Center:
Our help center is complete. Members have the option to look trough our 94 questions and answer database, video help guides, skype me or directly e-mail me. This is an effort to streamline our communication channels to keep up with growth.

As far as I can tell issues with surfing have been resolved thanks to the alerts provided by our members. The only error you could see now is pertaining to country targeting. If this happens to you please contact support and I will resolve the issue. Bottom Toolbar:
For ease of Navigation we have included some of the most important links that you would use on the website. Need to reference another page on Cash Camel? Look to the bottom.

Coming in Jan 2013 our Achievements section will release. Some achievements are already active but this section will not be finished until 2013. Achievements with color are ones you have achieved. Achievements without color you are still working towards completing.

Much more to come... - Kris *Cash Camel

11-29-2012 --> 19:53 Server Timer Nov 30, 2012

Click Session Issue:

Many surfers have been getting an error message that says " Are you viewing more than 1 ad at a time"? I believe to have solved the issue. Please let me know if this or any other occurs persist while you are surfing.

Click Exchange:

In order to increase the effectiveness of the click exchange we will be changing the surfing format. This will no longer have a set value of ads listed daily instead all ads will rotate pending credits are assigned. This will keep the click exchange from becoming too diluted and really increase it's effectiveness. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

FAQ Database:

Recently, I finished the FAQ database which is broken up into several different categories. Need help fast? Check out database for your question. Your question has likely been asked.

Navigation Menu:

Footer links have been replaced with a navigation menu. If you need to find some of the most important pages on Cash Camel look toward the bottom of the page.

-- More News to Come --

Breaking News for 11-22-2012 Nov 27, 2012

Thanks to some brilliant ideas from members we have been making some alterations to the site with many more to come. Please feel free to use the contact form to let me know about ways to make the site better. I value everyone's input and look forward to hearing from you.

The toolbar will now show breaking news, I'm going to make more posts so everyone can know exactly what's happening with the site. This pop-up will slide up from the toolbar for only 5 seconds. You can read further from the "Breaking News" section.

New Memberships: We have added a few memberships to the mix. We have some memberships with some increased referral earnings for promoters. Please consider carefully what membership is best for you depending on the number of active referrals you have. Also, now available for advertisers includes memberships that automatically add credits to your account each Monday and on initial purchase.

Express Advertising: Our express advertising program has been extremely successful. Please not that the cost of express advertising is $0.35 per 1000 and usually takes 24 hours for manual submission. You can purchase credits through the store for $0.25 or less depending on the package. These purchases are also instant! Just wanted to remind members still using the express feature of that.

More to come. Thanks - Kris

New Advertising Guidelines - Site Issues Nov 02, 2012

Due to recent issues, pop-ups are no longer permitted. The exception includes "Are you sure you want to leave this page'? We will continue to allow these pending no further issues.

Weebly, e blogger and like websites that can be easily changed will now be denied unless you are an established advertiser.

The quality of our sponsors and members is extremely important to us. There will be zero tolerance for anyone violating these guidelines or our established Terms of Service.

Please use the contact form to report any suspicious activity. Also, when surfing if you can manage to "report" the poor quality ad I can quickly remove it. All help is greatly appreciated.

Google error mal-ware message should be gone in a few hours. We have already submitted for a site review.

Thanks - Kris (Cash Camel)

Member surf verification Oct 25, 2012

Today and tomorrow you may come across an additional recaptcha to answer. This is by design and will be closely monitored to catch people who are cheating. Make sure not to fail this.. or your account will be deleted. - Cash Camel (10/25-10/26)

Update! 10/3/2012 Oct 03, 2012

Just a few updates to mention: We have replaced our old banners with some updated banners. If you have any suggestions as to what our banners should look like let us know. We can bring back the classic banners as needed.

We have updated the site's security and speed. Things should be moving much faster!

Also, we have deleted the FAQ and replaced it with a extensive 94 question and answer database. To access this just go to the "help center".

Much more to come! Thanks - Cash Camel - Kris

End of Summer Update! Aug 22, 2012

Summer is coming to a close, and Cash Camel continues to rapidly grow thanks to your support. If you need anything don't hesitate to contact me. Just a couple of updates to consider...

1) Due to circumstances beyond my control some members may have some difficulty logging in. Don't worry. Just send me a support ticket and I will take care of it immediately.

2) Click Exchange has really grown in popularity since ads are not manually approved. Your ad could be seen for free. Free members earn 5 credits for every 4 sites they view. Use those credits to send quality visitors to your site. All upgraded members will now earn a 50% bonus on click exchange ads.

3) Until the end of summer (08-31-2012) Special 1 year memberships will be half the price! This membership includes all the benefits of a 1 year upgrade for half the cost! Check the store for more details. (Only $3.38!)

Big changes coming in the months ahead. Will be moving locations September 1 then it's down to business.

Thanks for the support :: Cash Camel - Kris

Where's My Account? Jul 23, 2012

Having trouble logging into your account? If your account is not found on Cash Camel this could be only for a handful of reasons.

Below are things that may caused your account to be deleted:

1) PTP Abuse: Excessive junk traffic

2) Multiple Accounts: We have a plethora of detection methods. More security coming soon.

3) Excessive Failed PTSU: An acceptable amount of failed PTSU offers is no problem. TOS and splash pages provide proper procedure to effectively complete offers.

4) Cheat Check failures: If you are failing an excessive amount of surfing checks your account will be deleted.

5) Charge Backs/Fraudulent Payments: Satisfaction is guaranteed at Cash Camel, so there should never be a reason to file a claim.
Cash Camel - Kris

AlertPay/ Payza Jul 20, 2012

Hi Cash Camel Members,

A few months ago Cash Camel transitioned to using Payza the company formerly known as Alert Pay.

As a part of their company restructure they have decided to split the company into 2 divisions.

Payza will continue, but network marketing MLM businesses will have to use Egopay from now on. (High Risk Programs.)


This change might involve Cash Camel. If it does then we will have to consider using Egopay to pay commissions or some other method.

Currently Payza is still working for us. Please contact me with any issues.

Please check back for the latest updates regarding Cash Camel. Thanks for the support! - Kris

New Support System & More Jun 21, 2012

Hi Cash Camel Members,

The new support system is now active. Feel free to use this for any questions or comments.
Also, We are not accepting CashNhits PTP links. We will consider this a trial period. If there are issues with these links please let me know!
Forum has moved Abroad.. Feel free to view and post proofs at various forums or on our Facebook page. The past forum was just too time consuming with spam and so many payment proofs!
Paid E-mails will be discontinued -- If you have remaining credits please contact me and I will trade you for PTR credits which are of the same value.
Again, Thanks for the support and understanding. These updates should put us in a position to work on better features. - Kris

June 2012 Updates Jun 12, 2012

Hi Cash Camel Members!

Thanks for the support! You are greatly appreciated!

#1) We will no longer be selling "Paid E-mails". This is one of our least successful products and causes the most drain on the server. If you have credits on your account make sure to add them soon!

#2) We are working on a new forum, something much easier to use. Please stay tuned to updates regarding the forum.

That's all for now. Thanks again! - Cash Camel - Kris

Alert-pay Is Now Payza?! May 14, 2012

Hi, In case you didn't hear the latest news Alertpay is now Payza. Alert-pay has merged with UK-based MH Pillars Ltd.

This was found on the AlertPay homepage:

"The AlertPay that you love is now Payza — to give you exactly these things! Thanks to a recent merger with UK-based MH Pillars Ltd, a leader in prepaid card solutions, we were able to join forces to take AlertPay to the next level of online payment processing. This May, we launched a redesigned website with more service offerings to bring you an even better online payment processing experience. If you had an AlertPay account, you now have a Payza account! You don't have to do a thing but to login to your Payza account with your AlertPay username and password. You'll find your same account number, same personal information and same financial information!"

It's also rumored that Payza will be accepting credit card transactions via MasterCard and Visa. This is unconfirmed.

Happy Earning! ----> Cash Camel - Kris

Happy Birthday Cash Camel Mar 20, 2012

On April 04, 2012 Cash Camel will celebrate its 1st birthday! In just one years time we have achieved well over 17,000 members and sent those members over 14,700+ cash payments!

Our success could never have been possible without our kind and generous member base. As a small thank-you Cash Camel will begin a 20% Birthday Sale starting on April 4.

YouTube Videos Our YouTube channel has been a great success. Many members take advantage of our easy to follow video help guides constantly. More helpful guides coming soon. Feel free to check out our latest Cash Camel Video.

Express Advertising The Express Advertising option lets advertisers have active campaigns on the site without even being a member. An advertiser just makes the payment and submits a campaign url. The rest is done for them! All advertisers are given a tracking link so they can closely monitor their campaign. Its never been this easy to advertise.

New Contests & Bonuses The most popular contest at Cash Camel has been the weekly referral contest for $2. These days members can usually click on 200+ ads in a single day! To further increase the earning potential at the site a daily clicking bonus will be added soon. Members who are active and click a certain percentage of the ads will receive a daily cash bonus!

Smooth Surfing Cash Camel constantly takes steps to ensure the highest quality experience for both our advertisers and our earners. Recently we upgraded servers and worked on some site issues; our speeds seem to be much faster. Also All ads are now manually approved. This means there are much less issues, and now members can easily use link shorteners that were previously blocked

Click Exchange Since our changes to the Click Exchange it has been extremely successful! Campaigns with the most x-credits assigned are showed first and so on. Members viewing these sites earn 5 advertising credits for every 4 sites viewed. Our click exchange advertisers have been seeing 150+ visitors daily from this method. These are really cheap too!

Social Media We are establishing ourselves on various social media outlets. Check out our Cash Camel Social Media Sites. Friend and follow us and we will reciprocate! Send us a message on that site and we will send you 2,000 visitors to a url of your choice!

Testimonies Some of our members have been kind enough to supply us with both video and written testimonies. Thanks!! We have also added links to site evaluations, reviews and statistics. Check these out!

DonkeyMails PTP Approved Feb 17, 2012

We are now approved for Donkey Mails PTP Referral Contest $2 ea week to the top promoter!

Optimization Jan 28, 2012

Working over the next few days to optimize and get rid of unneeded elements. Please let me know if you notice a difference in the sites speed. Thanks

Check your e-mail addresses Jan 20, 2012

Please check your e-mail addresses to make sure they are valid. If your e-mail bounces them back to us your account will be suspended. You are not required to receive these e-mails but a valid e-mail must be on associated with the account. Thanks

New Memberships and Packages! Dec 23, 2011

Just wanted to let everyone know about some of the new packages and memberships we are adding to Cash Camel.

New Membership #1 - Clicking Frenzy ($1.5)

Members can enjoy increased earnings for an entire month! Not only do you get an upgraded 25% referral earnings, you get...

- 25% Bonus on PTC Earnings
- 50% Bonus on Click Exchange Earnings
- 10,000 Banner credits

New Membership #2 - Cash Camel Guru ($3.25)

This is Idle for someone that has the ability to refer members to Cash Camel but may not have time to click daily. Remember you never are required to click to earn from your referrals.
- 40% Ref Earnings
- $0.10 PTP CPM
- 4% Bonus of Ref Purchases
- 4% Bonus when Ref's upgrade
- 2000 Link Credits
- 5000 Exchange Credits
- 25000 banners
- 25000 Text Ads

We also added and readjusted some advertising specials which include: The Cash Camel Combo, A slice of Everything and Banner Bonanza!


Finally, If anyone is still having issues with the recaptcha please check out this video for assistance. If this doesn't help just send me an e-mail!

This will be the last e-mail for awhile so everyone have a wonderful holiday season!

Cash Camel - Kris

Dec 2011 - Part I Dec 12, 2011

Hey All,

A few updates have been make and many more to come! I have included all of the important less used links in a convienet navigation box above the top clickers. Hope this helps out.

New banners are available to promote. You can be earning more cash through promoting these banners.

Buy 1 month link and get 2 months extra FREE is still going. These links currently do not rotate and color, marquee and included for your use at no extra cost.

Tune in soon to hear about the other features we will be implementing!

Update & Dynamic Banners Nov 05, 2011

Cash Camel is still climbing the ranks with over 11,000+ members to advertise to!

As of today Cash Camel Members have received over 8,400 payments! Anyone can get paid!

Also, just added Dynamic Banners to show off your earnings on the site!

Please let me know if anyone is interested in additional Payment methods such as Google Pay, Liberty Reserve, Etc...

10,300+ Members! Oct 18, 2011

That's right, Cash Camel now has over 10,300 members and 7,400+ have received payments! Don't delay and start an account ASAP!

Also changed the name of some advertising options, I believe this will be easier for all to understand.


Cash Camel was finally reviewed by PTC Investigations and has been found LEGIT! Thanks for continued support!

New Clicking Contest Added Aug 05, 2011

Cash Camel has gained 6,350+ Members in the last 4 months thanks to the support of its great members! Already 4,000+ payments have been made. Check the forum for proof.

Also a daily clicking contest has just been added, the prize will change periodically. Currently top clicker for the day gets 500 banner credits!

Cash Camel is also working to implement some exciting things to the site including a daily clicking bonus and a gambling section. I appreciate everyone's support! Cashcamel - Kris

07-05-2011 Jul 05, 2011

Cash Camel continues to rapidly grow with now over 4,800 members to advertise to. Links will continue to be only $0.25 for 1000 hits, but now Advertisers can purchase a new membership that will credit your account weekly to avoid the hassle of purchasing credits each time you run out.

The No Hassle Advertising Membership is only 6$ and includes:
5,000 Weekly PTC Credits
5,000 Weekly Exchange Credits
25,000 Weekly Banner Credits
25,000 Weekly F. Banner Credits
25,000 Weekly F. Ad Credits
And More!!

Other advertising packages are available to suit your needs at rock bottom prices.

All Purchases 10% off until JUNE! May 29, 2011

Cash Camel now offers advertisers a chance to reach 2,850+ members. Already 1,260 have received payments.

Until June ONLY absolutely all purchases will be discounted 10% off the already low Cash Camel Prices!

Also a new poll is up and available through account menu, please check it out and vote! This poll will determine what new contest/bonuses will be implemented next!

New ways for members to earn cash currently in the works. Thanks for the support!

Join Today | Earn Today | Get Paid Today

New promotional banners and advertising packages available! May 23, 2011

New promotional banners and discounted advertising Packages are now available!

Advertisers can now reach to over 2,400+ members!

Cash Camel has surpassed the 1,000+ payment mark just recently and that number grows daily for members who earn just $0.01!

Link credits still only $0.25 for 1000!

Join Today | Earn Today | Get Paid Today

Cashcamel - Kris

05-09-2011 May 10, 2011

Now Advertise to 1,600 members

Limited Time Discount Package disappears at 2,000 members. Cost is only $2.00 and the benefits are great so get that before time runs out.

544 payments members have now received payments

New banners to be added for promotional use [Coming soon]

Members can now convert their cash balance to advertising credits

Link credits still only $0.25 for 1000!

X-credits still only $0.15 for 1000!

Cash Camel is one of the ONLY sites you can:
+ Join today
+ Earn today
= Get paid today

Thanks for everyone's support!

Announcements May 10, 2011

In just over a week has amassed over 570 members and made 95 payouts and counting.

Thanks for everyone’s support both advertisers and earners! Here’s a few things to keep in mind:
--- Signup Bonuses ---
Upon signing up everyone receives a free $0.01, 50 link credits, 10,000 banner credits, 10,000 F-Banner credits and 10,000 F-ad credits. So for the many who have not used their credits this is just a reminder you have them. To make an ad go to your account and select "manage ads".
--- Contests happening daily and weekly ---
WEEKLY there is a referral contest in which the member with the most weekly referrals will receive $0.50. WEEKLY there is also a top clicker contest good for $0.10. DAILY ticket drawing for 200 Link credits --- Payout request cancelled? --- The minimum payout for cashcamel is at $0.01, however if you are not an upgraded member There is a 1% PayPal fee assessed by PayPal. This means if you request a payout at $0.01 you will net $0.00 so your request is cancelled. This can be avoided by earning more money to offset the fee or upgrade to our 1 year 1$ membership which waves the fee and provides many benefits. If there are any questions or concerns please contact me through the support ticket function. Thanks again for the support and keep referring and earning! Cashcamel (kris)


Welcome everyone,

Some information on payouts:

Although payout is $0.01, PayPal charges a 1% fee so those who have requested I cancelled the payment until you have accumulated a higher balance.

Another option to consider is to the 1 year membership witch provides many benefits including the 1% fee waved.

If there are any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Kris (CashCamel)

May 01, 2011- Submit proofs for cash May 10, 2011

Post a Proof!

For the first 500 people who submit their unique payment proofs will receive 0.01 credited to your account balance.

April 27, 2011 May 10, 2011

In just a few weeks Cash Camel has grown at a rapid pace thanks to your support.

Now nearing 1000 members and already we have made 238 payouts!

Link Credits are still the cheapest around at $0.25 for 1000.

We are now offering X-change credits for purchase at only $0.15 per 1000. Packages start at only $1.05 for 7000 credits.

Cashcamel - kris

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